uncomfortable obedience

by holly j. clemente I always thought of myself as a compliant person. I would have described myself as someone willing to freely give of my time and resources to help the people that we are living with and ministering to. Unfortunately, I realized rather abruptly that this was only true to an extent. IContinue reading “uncomfortable obedience”

from pity to peace: saying yes when it’s painful

by ej blohm missionary to kenya November, 2019.  Tears carved tiny streams down my cheeks as I stood at the kitchen sink, hands plunged into hot water.  My thoughts screamed out in anguish.  “I can’t DO this God!  How can I live so far from my babies?” my heart cried.  “God, how do I doContinue reading “from pity to peace: saying yes when it’s painful”

a daily yes

by bethany godoy missionary to belize I grew up as a missionary kid, and if you’ve been following along with the stories you may have read my mom’s story (click here to read Jadine Fritzler’s story) There was never a moment I didn’t know about Jesus. And to be honest, I’ve always had a burningContinue reading “a daily yes”

he gives rest

by holly j. clemente When I started this blog, I was so excited about sharing others’ stories, particularly missionary stories, with a larger audience. I couldn’t wait to begin, and my hope was that the posts would encourage others to view missions in a different light- the true light that shows how unqualified and weakContinue reading “he gives rest”

the invitation

a quarantine psalm by holly j. clemente Preface: My pastor often says, “The loudest voice is not always the true voice.” I was reflecting on that thought as I went to bed last night and thinking once again how true it is. The loudest voices in my head are often the ones that magnify theContinue reading “the invitation”

romance vs. reality- part 2

by rachel rebekah witt missionary to mexico continued from part 1 After one month in Mexico, talk of marriage had begun. Still, I had yet another decision to make.  If I were to actually marry this guy, I would have to be willing to take trips into remote villages in the mountains, to minister to theContinue reading “romance vs. reality- part 2”

romance vs. reality- part 1

by rachel rebekah witt missionary to mexico I can’t say that I can pinpoint exactly when I felt God calling me to a foreign mission field. Sometime during my high school and college days, there was a desire birthed in me that began as a small interest in other countries and cultures… and then suddenlyContinue reading “romance vs. reality- part 1”

the real treasure

by holly j. clemente “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I would bet that you’ve heard this verse from Psalm 37 in a sermon before. I would even guess that you might have it highlighted in your Bible or saved on your phone. It’s a verseContinue reading “the real treasure”

God is writing my story- part 3

by sandi youngren missionary to ecuador read part 1 of sandi’s story read part 2 of sandi’s story Since those long ago days in New Mexico, we have moved around (I would rather stay in one place all my life), became a worship leading duo (I would prefer to sit in the back of theContinue reading “God is writing my story- part 3”

God is writing my story- part 2

by sandi youngren missionary to ecuador Let’s take a quick look at others like me, in the Bible, holding their stunned heads and very reluctantly giving in to the stitches and that bandage ripping, while the Patient Doctor held our hands and coached us through it.  MOSES A baby is born when male babies wereContinue reading “God is writing my story- part 2”

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